Make Yourselves at Home



Things End… and It’s a Good Thing.

Things end… even boy bands. Today I share the lesson I tried to get across to my daughters this morning while driving them school. When things end, new things can begin. Beautiful new things. Listen in as I share the

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EP 002: Re: The Struggle to Feel As If My Work is Real Work

It took me several years to acknowledge that the work I do is WORK to myself. I no longer had dirty clothes and rough hands from the manual labor. (Now people believe I could be a hand model for Olay)

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About Me!

Allow me to introduce myself. (That sounds so dramatic)

My name is Teevee. I am many things to many people and do too many things to classify myself in one box. But Father to my two daughters is the greatest title for which I will take full ownership.

However, my proudest title is that of father and friend.

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I came. I saw. I left.

I am just a guy with a lot of thoughts and experiences. Join me as I share more of them and try to make sense of it all for my daughters and all to read.