About Teevee

Allow me to introduce myself. (That sounds so dramatic).My name is Teevee Aguirre. I am many things to many people and do too many things to classify myself. However, my proudest title is that of father and friend. This site bears my name as the world knows me. The story of my full name will have to wait for a future post. I recently quit my day job that in an industry I had worked in for over 18 years. (Yes I am that old) Now, my daily tasks involve online marketing, web/graphic design, and blogger/writer. Sometimes  they are all related and intertwined especially when I am developing my own sites.

Brief History

I worked in the grocery industry since I was of legal age to work. I started as a sacker(later the cool term of package clerk was coined) like many other little boys. Throughout the years I worked all over the store and found myself in management when I was 20.

It seemed like management was my calling and where I was able to put some of my natural skills to use. I would go on to fumble my way as a manager and trying to motivate my staff to follow me. I went on to develop some ideas and principles that allowed me to get the job done while being liked(liked being relative of course) by my staff.

In my latter years in the grocery business I found myself in the training department for the company I worked for. The two years there allowed to further develop and study Management and Leadership. Little did I know that there is a huge body of knowledge involving human behaviour and leadership.

Personal Development

I would go on to study this intensely and become good at communicating my personal experiences and these principles of human behaviour. I also personally invested in my education. There were times that it seemed like I was in a classroom every day of the week.

While studying all of this I also ran into several little books on business. A whole world openend up to me that I did not know existed. (Do you sense a theme?)

The book “Poor Dad Rich Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki  had a huge impact on my life that made me begin to question a lot of things that surrounded business. About a year later I would read ” The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris and set my mind in motion. I have yet to catch up with it. (f.y.i. I have yet to only work only 4 hours)

Today, Here and Now

So here I am now. You will find me sharing my life on this blog. My experiences as a marketer, a single father, an artist, a poet. It is likely I will make a fool of myself, yet I will push on. I commited to be a lifelong learner and allow myself to fail and succeed.

I hope my daughters read this and know that their father lived life to the fullest and made every effort to give them the world they deserved. I can’t wait to hear the stories they have yet to tell of their memories of today.

My Mission

Leave a journal of all my dreams, failures, successes, and struggles for my daughters.

Give back to the world these same things and help uplift my community by speaking and building a community center for art and communication.

My ultimate goal is to be a public speaker. This is just the beginning. 😉 Join me.